Now we connect Mysore,Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad with North East including Sikkim & Bhutan


Services provided by us

  • Primary Transportation
    Full Truck load by Containers , OBT/ Trailors in the Country and specialized for The Eastern Sector and now we offer seamless connectivity through our Containers from East to South which includes Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Sikkim, Assam & Bhutan in South Mysore, Bangalore & Chennai.

  • Express Parcel Services
    Direct Delivery from the Pickup point and materials are not stored at ware Houses.

  • Last Mile Transportation
    That is from the Depots to the retail Outlets. We help our Customers place their Products in Fastest Possible Time at their retail Outlets. In the customer driven market, it gives our Clients a Competitive Edge.

  • 3 PL & 4 PL Services
    Complete from receiving the materials to Distribution points. That includes storage, inventory management, Billings and transportation to the clients and also handling the business & negotiations on behalf of the Client with other specialized service providers.

  • Warehousing & Offices
    We also provide warehousing and office Infrastructure facilities to our Customers.

  • C & H operations & Ocean Freight
    The Company also undertakes responsibilities like documentation and clearance through custom houses for exporting & Importing goods to and from other countries. We through our Network & Contact generate & provide competitive Ocean freights for our Clients.

Express Parcel Services

We offer Express Parcel Services for West Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan . Call us Sit Back and relax. Your cargo is in safe hands.

We strive to Design our Services for our Client in a manner We can help reduce their Inventory and subsequently reduce the cost of Inventory.

We have improved the Express Parcel Service by including cost optimization techniques. We have tried to bridge the gap between better services and cost effective rates, and offer our valuable customers and edge over the competition.

We do not store the materials at the destination or at the point of origin, and deliver the materials directly from the vehicle. This has been done because our experience and studies have clearly established that delays and damages are mostly because of multi point handling.

Every vehicle has an "escort" or a delivery- man and is equipped with a two way communication device. This makes the information of materials and its location accessible at all times.

The services are customized as per the requirement of the customer and the basic data we require are the nature of products, the average movement and average loads per movement., based on this data we design a cost effective and faster service tailor-made to suit their Unique requirement.

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